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The Plaid Zip


Grey Burberry print plaid top with gold zippers on shoulders to provide a cold shoulder look when unzipped 

This is Brian's September Conntempo Crush.  His description of this one is below:
I love the pattern on this top – to me, the size of the print and the colors lend it a throwback, classy, Euro vibe. I’m thinking London/Paris in the 1980s…casual but proper. It’s super unique and it totally catches my eye.

I’m a technical guy and I’m all about function – so it should come as no surprise that I am completely enamored by the zippers. They totally change your look, and they make the piece great for many more situations!

Funny story: years ago when Madison and I first met, I played in a moderately successful rock band. I had these blue camo pants that had legs that you could zip off. How awesome is that? Start off the night with long pants, and as the night goes on and the lights get hot…just zip off the legs and now you have shorts! I still get grief from Madison for those pants to this day; however, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the zippers on the Plaid Zip didn’t take me back for a moment!
96% Poly/4% Spandex
Runs True to Size
Made in the USA

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