The Button-Down

By Papermoon


Crescent by Papermoon Rayne navy and mustard striped button-down shirt  

So - for my last Crush, I mentioned that I usually don't actually wear the clothes that I pick out.  So - this month, I ended up finding something for you that I do wear!  Not this exact piece of course, but you get what I mean.

My staple look - my "uniform", if you will - is jeans and a (usually) un-tucked button down shirt.  I like how it feels, and I feel like it fits me and my personality.  It is casual and comfortable, but if worn right it can look dressy too.

So check out this piece!  It's a great feeling rayon so it's light yet substantial, and flows really nicely.  Hope you guys like it!
100% Rayon
Runs True to Size