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Winter Coziness

  • By Madison Conn

Winter Coziness

Hey Friends,

As I'm writing this, our area is under a Winter Storm Warning and are expecting to get up to 9" of snow.   While that would normally annoy me, I think this time around I'm just going to enjoy the beauty of the snow, sip on some hot chocolate and be happy I don't have any place I "need to be".  Slowing down is something we have probably all learned to do with COVID19, and this time around I'm going to just enjoy the ride (or lack thereof).

Speaking of slowing down, I absolutely ADORE Winter fashion because I'm a layers girl.  I like feeling the warmth of cardis, heavy sweaters, sweatshirts, fuzzy socks - you name it.  If it helps you feel cozy, I'm in!  Thankfully we have combos of cardis, sweaters and more on the site so I encourage you to find something you love!  We even have some amazing loungewear that is perfect for days like today.

Oh!  One last thing - are you a member of our Conntempo Boutique - Insiders page on Facebook?  If you aren't, I highly encourage you to join us.  We have an amazing, supportive group of fabulous ladies who support each other, encourage each other and share a love of fashion and community with each other.  We also have opportunities to buy pre-sale items (things that sometimes NEVER hit the site because they sell out here first), early reveals of new arrivals and more.  


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