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It's Springtime!

  • By Madison Conn

It's Springtime!

Hey Friends,

I'm so happy to see Spring and April have both officially arrived.  While I love flowers, sunshine, and longer days; I've also been loving all the warm weather fashion - like kimonos, lightweight fabrics, and tanks.  Personally, one of my favorite parts of this time of year is refreshing my wardrobe.  I do love pulling out clothes from last year!  It's sentimental in a sense because I always find a piece that reminds me of a special day or a special event.  Although, while having old favorites is always fun, finding new favorites is even better! Just wait until you see some of the new arrivals this month!  I'm in love!

I was reading an article about trends that are "hot" this season.  There were two that stood out to me most.  First, let's talk about color!  The hot trend this year is anything in a shade of white.  Whether it's off-white, ivory, cream, etc... - these shades are timeless, classy, and elegant.  If, however, whites just don't work for you - a softer color palette filled with pastels and dusty tones have been hitting most runways because of their romantic look. 

Besides color, the other trend that stood out was pieces that feature lace, crochet, or mesh.  Pieces with elements that are sheer or slightly skin revealing are trending up!  Look for those pieces that leave a little to the imagination but are in a sophisticated cut.  I personally love anything with crochet or lace trim because it always feels feminine and sophisticated, but with an element of sexy.  It's like all the good feels wrapped into one piece of clothing!

Look for these trends and more coming each and every Sunday as we release our New Arrivals.  And if there is ever something special you are looking for, be sure to let me know.  I'm always up for seeking out something just for you!


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