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Vacation Anyone?

  • By Madison Conn

Vacation Anyone?

Hey Friends!

Now that we are wrapping up May and it feels like some of the restrictions are starting to loosen a bit, it has me thinking about vacation!  What about you?  Our family missed one trip we had planned and we had our Alaskan cruise (scheduled for July) already cancel.   It has me thinking about how we can pivot and still get the vacation time (aka family time) that we all dearly need and want.  You would think after all the "togetherness" we would be tired of each other, but honestly, we just want the carefree mindset and adventure that a vacation brings.

Did you have a vacation or two that you had to cancel?  What ways are you planning to still "renew" and "relax" with your loved ones?  Drop me a comment below and share!  We are trying to still plan a trip for July, understanding there may be restrictions still in play, and have moved our annual Florida trip to October.   We are crossing our fingers and toes that we can actually go.  Each one of us deserves to take that mental break from the worry, the heartache, and the stress everything has introduced into our lives as of late.

Speaking of vacations, I'm also in the mood for some vacation-feeling clothes.  How about you?  We have really shifted to our Summer fashion including some great dresses and pieces to help you feel special - no matter if you are hanging with your hubby, your family, your friends, etc.  We all deserve to feel great in what we are wearing, regardless of the activities we are participating in.  What have been your favorite pieces recently?

Here's hoping you are taking time for YOU!



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