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Twelve Days of Deals!

  • By Madison Conn

Twelve Days of Deals!

Hey Friends,

I'm so excited about the arrival of December - mostly because I can finally let the cat out of the bag.  We are having a 12 Days of Deals event.  The event will be from December 9th - December 20th.  Each day we will be posting a deal that will be available for 24 hours only.  From Free Gifts, to Buy 1, Get 1 (maybe even 2) free, exceptional Coupon Codes, etc. we are going to have a lot of fun this month!  

On Sunday, December 8th, I will provide the link to the deal page in our New Arrival email.  Believe me, you will want to check that link each morning to grab the Deal of the Day!  Don't worry friends, I have your back - I'll also send a very brief email each day so that you will never miss out on grabbing a super steal for yourself or for a last-minute gift you forgot about getting!

Now - who is ready for a Deal?  


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