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Summer Vacations - Let's chat!

  • By Madison Conn

Summer Vacations - Let's chat!

Hi Friends,

Boy am I happy it's June!  Why?  Because my family always takes off for our annual trip to Florida.  I remember (pre-child) our vacations were spent exploring, checking out the local sites/museums, etc.  Once we had our son, our vacations drastically changed.  We started going to the beach and all my son wanted to do was relax and just "be".  As much as my life got busier with having a son, my vacations turned into what I think vacations were meant to be - a time to relax, be silly, have fun with my favorite people and just "be".  While it was hard for me initially to learn how to relax and fight the urge to get dressed and head out for some sight-seeing, I now long for this vacation as it's one I get to just "be" and breathe.  I hope you have a spot like that.  So instead of spending vacations running from one place to the next, I spend it tossing a football, flying a kite or sitting in a chair to just "be".  We always think we teach our kids about life but look at what he's taught me!  

As I'm working to start packing for my trip, it made me wonder, what is missing from YOUR closet that you need for summer or for an upcoming vacation?  Are you a maxi dress gal or more of a tank top and shorts type of woman?  Do you like something dressy for evenings or prefer to keep things on a casual level?  You know what I like?  Something that looks unique, beautiful and is comfortable all at the same time.  I'll be packing plenty of those types of items for my vacation.  If you have something you are looking for, just comment below.  I'd love to help you find things that you need especially when you go to YOUR place to just... "be".


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