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Summer - It's Hot!

  • By Madison Conn

Summer - It's Hot!


Hey Beauties,

Where did July go?  I can't believe we are at the end of the month already!  While Summer is still heating up, I've already been bombarded with lots of updates on Fall pieces.  I've placed orders already and have started to stockpile things we will want and need for the season.  I am so excited to share with you those pieces when it's time!  I'm a big fan of Fall anyway, so fashion for that time of year is always my personal favorite!

What season is your favorite to buy new clothes??  Do you look forward to Fall clothes like I do?  There is just something about layering that gets me excited.  If you are looking for something special this Fall, leave me a note!  You know I love hunting down customer requests!

Just a quick update too that our July Conntempo Connection packages went out the door last week.  If you are wondering just what was included in that surprise package or any of our past Conntempo Connections you can click here to check it out. Today our August Conntempo Connection is available for purchase!  Check out the link for all the details!

I have something up my sleeve for next week.  Stay tuned for details.

I hope you have a fantastic week!


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