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Stylemax + Conntempo = More Incredible Fashion!

  • By Madison Conn

Stylemax + Conntempo = More Incredible Fashion!


Hey Friends,

You will never guess who went to a fashion mart in Chicago and spent money like crazy on items that will make you feel even more beautiful!  Yep, this chick!  Even my hubby joined me for this epic adventure.  We had a blast not only meeting some of the sales associates with the different brands we love, but also seeking out new brands too!  I am excited for you ladies to see all the great things coming this Fall/Winter!

One thing that I took away from the show was how on trend plaids, cold shoulders and lace-up pieces are this season.  The color trends I noticed were burgundy, navy and green.  Since I love all of those colors, that made me very happy!

Many of the pieces that I ordered are not even on their sites, but rather new pieces they bring forward just for these types of shows.  While I pre-ordered quite a bit, I also have some fantastic pieces that will arrive as soon as next week.  

With the 100% focus on the boutique for those few days, you may notice an upgrade/enhancement to the site.  We now have indicators showing our Deal of the Week and also our Clearance Items. In the past those always defaulted to "sale" so it's fun that we could tweak a few things to make that a little more clear.

Oh, one last thing - are YOU part of the Conntempo Boutique - Insiders on Facebook?  If you aren't, I recommend joining as we often have pieces that we sell there that never make it to the site.  Additionally, that group is the first to hear about our New Arrivals, Sales, and also get special coupons now and then.  There is a weekly contest, clothing reveals and more!

Isn't fashion fun? I hope you have a fantastic week!


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