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Product Reviews Are Here!

  • By Madison Conn

Product Reviews Are Here!

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Hi Fashion Friends,

Earlier in the week, we added a cool feature to the site - the ability to leave product reviews! We are really excited to have this new feature added to our growing website. We know sharing your opinions and also reading the opinions of others like you is important.  It's like having a friend shopping with you - giving their opinion or sharing ideas for how to wear something.  Don't we all want to give and receive fashion advice?  I know I do!

I was so excited to share the news about this new feature today, but then some of you noticed it already!  I have to tell you, it made my WEEK that some of you saw this new feature and started sharing your ratings and opinions immediately!  You ladies are the BEST!  What a fantastic community of fashionistas we have on the site, in our Facebook community and other social media pages!

For those of you that haven't noticed or tried out this feature yet, it is simple.  You just click on the product and under the description you will see there is the ability to leave a review along with a star rating.  Your review posts immediately for other customers to see.  Imagine how helpful this will be for you and others!  It's exciting, isn't it?!

Even though we are an online boutique, we try and find ways we can connect as a community. These product reviews are another step in that direction.  Here's hoping you are feeling the love!


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