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March's Conntempo Connection Reveal and more!

  • By Madison Conn

March's Conntempo Connection Reveal and more!


Happy Sunday!

I can tell you one thing - I'm ready for Spring!  Our weather has been really crazy in Indiana and I know others have experienced the same thing.  One day it feels like you want to break out the flip flops and then the next you are grabbing a scarf.  While the weather has been unpredictable, one thing you can always rely on is the fashion still flowing at Conntempo Boutique!

I'm excited to share that our March Conntempo Connection packages went out the door last week, and I've heard really great feedback.  It's really rewarding to feel like I'm helping your wardrobe transition from Winter to Spring! If YOU are wondering just what was included in that surprise package you can click here to check it out.  We will update this link each month so that you can get a feel as to what pieces have been included and maybe you will want to give it a try. 

Now it's time to shift our focus to April's Conntempo Connection that is now for sale! Included in each shipment will be new, exclusive pieces only available to Conntempo Connection members.  Check out the link for all the details!

This week our New Arrivals are fashionable and full of beautiful colors - be sure to check them out.  Anyone love baseball?  I'm really excited about The Play Ball!  You will NOT want to miss this fun top (very limited quantities).  

I hope you have a fantastic week!


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