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It's Summer and it's Heating Up!

  • By Madison Conn

It's Summer and it's Heating Up!


Hey Fashion Friends,

I hope you have been enjoying the start to Summer.  I know in Indiana we have had some wild weather - hotter than normal, cooler than normal - you name it!  Such is life in Indiana though!  How are things where you are?

Speaking of things heating up, that makes me think of cool Summer fashion.  Whether you are looking for lightweight blends, tank tops or dresses to keep you cool - we have some great pieces.  If there is anything specific you are looking for, be sure to drop me a note.  I always like to hunt down special pieces when I can.

As for me, I'm often in air conditioning all day long, so I like lighter fabrics, but I still love cardigans, kimonos and anything with sleeves.  If I don't have something covering my arms, I freeze!  Speaking of things that work well for conditions like that (hint, hint), you may want to check out July's Conntempo Connection!  I have two perfect pieces ready for you if you like a little something on your arm vs. sleeveless pieces.  I'm not talking about outerwear either - so before I spoil too much more, I'll just say to grab yours while it's available.  As you know we always have limited quantity with Conntempo Connection pieces! 

Next month I'm headed to Chicago for a Fashion Market!  I can't wait to see what great pieces I can grab for Fall!  I've already noticed a few pieces by Gilli, Le Lis and Hem & Thread and I can tell you this - we are going to look gooooood!


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