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Happy Birthday to Us!

  • By Madison Conn

Happy Birthday to Us!

Hey Friends!

I can't believe we are turning 4!!  It feels like we just really started this fantastic journey because I'm still learning new things every single day including what each of you likes, dislikes, etc.  What I've loved the most over the past several years though is the friendships I've created and developed through Conntempo Boutique.  I love feeling that, in a unique way, we get the privilege of being part of some of the most special events in your lives - weddings, marriage proposals, graduations, baby showers, first dates, holidays, etc.  

I personally wanted to take a moment and say "Thank You!"  While 2020 has offered many challenges to small business owners, I have appreciated how many times a friend/customer has reached out to see how I'm doing and make sure we were hanging in there as a business.  After all, checking on each other is something that friends do for each other, right?

Thanks again for joining us on our 4th Birthday and for celebrating an important milestone.  We couldn't do it without each and every one of YOU!


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