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Happy Birthday to Us!

  • By Madison Conn

Happy Birthday to Us!

Hey Friends!

I can't believe we are turning 3!!  While I still feel like things are new and I'm obviously always learning, I also feel like I've developed some great friendships through Conntempo Boutique.  You know, I have never done a formal introduction here outside of our "About Us" page.  I recently posted a similar intro on our official Facebook Page.  I thought now would be the perfect time to also add this here.  Why?  Because I want to know you better and give you insight into the person behind Conntempo Boutique!

Here it goes: I am obsessed with Big Brother, Project Runway and any and all true crime tv, documentaries, and books.  I like to keep my home clean, but seem to still have that “junk drawer” in my kitchen.  I have a collection of various trinket boxes, signed prints from the actors on The Originals, and Michael Kors purses and wallets.  My idea of relaxing is baking something – which also means my neighbors and friends often get deliveries they never asked for nor wanted.  While I don’t fluently speak a foreign language, I do fluently speak sarcasm and feel like I’m totally fluent.  Ask my son and he will confirm!  As a family, we spend one vacation each year visiting an area or state that we have never been before – this creates some great adventures along with great memories.

In addition to owning and running Conntempo Boutique, I also work in the corporate world.  With managing two full-time jobs and being a wife and mother, people often refer to me as adventurous, brave or crazy. I don't really know that I’m any of those things – well, maybe crazy.  While I absolutely love my corporate role, owning and operating Conntempo Boutique is a bit like breathing to me.  It truly has been a dream fulfilled to be able to share a love of fashion with others.  It’s also been an honor getting to meet and know such wonderful friends in this social media community AND getting excited together looking at New Arrivals, Customer Favorites, etc.

That is a glimpse of me, BUT I would love to know more about you, so leave a comment and introduce yourself. It would make my day!

Thanks again for joining us on our 3rd Birthday and for celebrating an important milestone.  We couldn't do it without each and every one of YOU!


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