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Happy Birthday to Us!

  • By Madison Conn

Happy Birthday to Us!


Hi Friends,

Today is an important milestone - we are celebrating our first birthday at Conntempo Boutique, and we couldn't do that without each of you!  

When I first decided to start out on this journey, I knew I would love it.  I also knew it would be hard.  I knew I would question every single decision that I would make.  I knew I would question my confidence, my ability, etc.  I would question if I could make this work along with another full-time job, etc. What I didn't know was that I would come to make friends all around the United States.  I quickly would learn what city you were from, may even know your mailing address by heart - definitely would know what size you wear.  I would know your kids' names, when you became a Grandma, what you were wearing for family picture day!  I would learn your favorite vacation spots, cheer on your new career and check in on you while you were mourning a dear loved one.  I would make sure you were recovering after surgery, giving you styling advice and even share details about my family's vacation with you.  What does it all mean?  I have adored being part of your life and THANK YOU for being a part of mine.  Each of you has helped me build upon a childhood dream and for that, I simply can't think you enough.  But... I can try in the only way I know how.....


Through Saturday, use the following coupon codes on the site to save between 10% - 30% on your ENTIRE PURCHASE.  If you spend over $99, you get a birthday gift from us too - don't you just love surprises?  Finally, for each order received today through Saturday, you get an entry into our drawing to win a $100 Gift Card.  The lucky winner will be announced on Sunday, June 18th!

Let's share a virtual piece of cake together and celebrate our new friendships!


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