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Guess What's Coming 12/26?!

  • By Madison Conn

Guess What's Coming 12/26?!

Hey Friends,

First I want to take a moment to say "Thanks" to all of you who joined us during our huge Black Friday - Cyber Monday event!  For those of you who were able to get our awesome Black Friday Gift Bag, I hope you loved it!  I enjoy deciding what fun things to add to that goodie bag each year.

While we always post our best coupons of the year during Black Friday - Cyber Monday, we know many of you are still shopping or maybe someone is still shopping for you!  Because of this, we are offering 20% off your purchase of $59+ through 12/15.  See the site for details!

So what's next at Conntempo Boutique?  Well, as always you can look forward to New Arrivals continuing every Sunday and a huge Web Buster event on 12/26!!  Please plan to join us because it's a great time to spend a little of that holiday cash or make the most out of that gift card you received!  More details to come.....


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