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Fashion Marts, Fall/Winter Requests and More!

  • By Madison Conn

Fashion Marts, Fall/Winter Requests and More!

Hey Fashionistas,

I'm counting down until next weekend when yours truly is heading to Chicago to attend a fashion mart.  It's exciting because many of the vendors I purchase from will be there and it gives me a chance to find out what's new, what's coming and provide feedback on quality, what my customers seem to want, etc.  A weekend focused totally on fashion and how to make Conntempo Boutique even better - it's a win-win for all of us!

The fashion mart will be focused on Fall/Winter Fashion.  It's hard to believe that's the talk when it's still so hot outside and we don't want to think of things cooling off too quickly.  Have you peeked at your Fall/Winter wardrobe?  Is there anything you feel you are missing or are hoping that we get in stock?  Let me know!  I love pitching in on the hunt for something you are hoping to find.  In fact, next week we have a New Arrival coming that was a request from a customer - stay tuned!

Have you tried our Conntempo Connection yet?  We typically have 3 pieces of clothing for $66-$70 total.  It's a total steal because the retail price of these connections is always over $90.  If you are curious as to what items are included, you can look at our Past Conntempo Connection pieces to get a feel for what we include.  Our August Conntempo Connection is now on sale - always worth a try!  


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