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Fall Colors - What is YOUR favorite?

  • By Madison Conn
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Fall Colors - What is YOUR favorite?

Hey Friends,

I can't believe we are on the brink of Labor Day!  Just where did the Summer go anyway?  While we know we still have plenty of warm days left, it's never too soon to start taking inventory of your Fall wardrobe.  If you are like me, I always like to get a few new pieces just to freshen it all up.

I'm so excited to share our New Arrivals with you each week, but even more so now because Fall fashion is always my favorite.  I'm a total sucker for layers, hoodies, sweaters, boots - you name it!  I love it all!  My favorite days are ones where the sun is warm yet there is a crisp breeze in the air.  Oh - and let's not forget that Fall also means FOOTBALL!  Our entire family is football crazy - we have been counting down the days until the college season kicks off.  

We need to chat about Fall colors too!  I love clothes in those perfect hues that just scream Fall.  I was reading a report from New York Fashion Week that talked about the "it" colors this Fall.  On the list was burgundy, olive, sunflower yellow, poppy red and royal blue.  I'm hard at work making sure we have some good selections there.  I have to say though while I do love all the colors of Fall, my heart always tugs at the classic black.  If I'm carrying it on the website and it's in black, I guarantee you will see me wearing it!  I sometimes have to force myself to look at other colors.  How about you?  What Fall colors do YOU want for your wardrobe?


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