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Conntempo Coins have Arrived!

  • By Rebecca Conn
When I'm a loyal customer, I like knowing that I have an extra "in" - a little perk that rewards me for my loyalty.  This is why I'm SO excited to share with you that Conntempo Boutique now has a Customer Loyalty Reward Program called Conntempo Coins!
Now YOU can earn Conntempo Coins for making purchases, referring friends and sharing on different social media sites!  These "coins" can be redeemed as $$ off future orders!  So how do you sign up?  There is a tab on the right side of the website (or at the bottom of your screen if viewing on mobile devices).  Just sign up and see all the different ways you can earn rewards! By just a few clicks you will easily be on your way to your first reward level - so check it out!  
Once you have signed up, every time you visit the website and log in to your account you will see your Conntempo Coins balance.  Knowing how your Conntempo Coins are adding up will help you know just how close you are to reward levels.  You can decide when you to use your coins - either right away because you can't wait or accumulate towards a larger reward to buy something special for yourself.  Regardless, you decide when to use them and in essence make your own sale!
Now let's talk about NEW ARRIVALS this week!  I'm SO excited by what we have available.  I've added in a couple statement necklaces that I think you will love. The Black Stone is fantastic.  It's an amazing piece that looks stunning against anything and everything.  The Rose Quartz is also a beautiful teardrop statement necklace with glass beads along the chain.  It has a romantic quality to it that I just love.  As always, inventory is limited so grab them while they are available.  
We do plan to expand our jewelry offerings in the very near future, so stay tuned. I have lots of fun and unique pieces to share with you, and I can't wait! 
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