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Conntempo Boutique Featured in Local Publication

  • By Madison Conn

Conntempo Boutique Featured in Local Publication

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Happy Sunday, Friends!

Brian and I are so humbled by this incredible article that was published in a local magazine where we live.  I'm just touched by what Raelynn Mattingly had to say and am thankful the passion for what I'm doing comes through loud and clear.  I'm proud of this article and wanted to share it with all of you.  Should you ever have any doubts about who we are and the values that are important to us, this article will be a great read!  


Meet Resident Entrepreneur, Madison Conn of Conntempo Boutique!

Raelynn Mattingly, Area Director
Published for August 2016 Chestnut Hills Living

One of my favorite parts about my job is meeting residents and local business owners that are passionate about what they do.  I love this aspect because genuine passion is not something that can be insincere.  When I sat down for coffee recently with Madison Conn, it was apparent within the first five minutes of conversation that her new venture was something she was entirely excited about.  In June, Madison opened her online boutique called Conntempo.  Cleverly using her last name as part of the company name, her mission is to give women the chance to get quality clothing and a boutique experience without costing a fortune.

Conntempo Boutique was born after a long conversation with her husband, Brian.  Madison has always loved clothes.  She has especially loved unique boutique clothing choices.  Madison always liked knowing that a piece of clothing she was wearing wasn’t something that the masses can go buy at a chain store.  After shopping at several online boutique stores, she often felt disappointed with the boutique experience.  Many times those “boutique” orders would arrive at her doorstep with no personalization and clothes wrapped in a crumpled fashion with no tags.  Even worse?  The prices of these items were very expensive!  Over time, she kept thinking that she could deliver something much better.  That feeling she had about improving the boutique experience for women was at the forefront of her mind for many months.  Finally, even with a full-time job, she decided to act and make her dream of running her own business a reality.

After deciding this was a step she and Brian were excited to take together, she launched Conntempo Boutique in June.  Many hours of planning and execution prior to the grand opening were the driving force behind the business launch.  They are both now thrilled to provide a unique boutique experience to their customers.  The business has really become a family activity.  Brian helps with all the website design and other “techie” stuff.  Their only son, Morgan, helps with promotional packaging and kid-friendly duties.  The rest is shouldered by Madison and being the “control freak” she says she is, she likes it that way even if she wants to pull her hair out from time to time.  Personally, I relate to that controlled nature that is driven by helping others and doing a great job.  Perseverance like that is a quality that will make Madison widely successful with Conntempo.

Her website is extremely easy to use.  One concern some women have with ordering online is sizing.  In part of picking the best quality brands to put on the website, Madison took this concern to heart.  She has had experience with brands where their sizing seems completely off the mark.  One brand’s size 6 is another’s size 10.  That is never ending confusion for the customer, and she wanted to end that confusion.  Madison stocks brands in her boutique that are true to size.  Meaning, there is a simple sizing chart, and buyers can be confident that the sizing will be accurate.  She makes notes of the occasional pieces that may be different.

I experienced this first hand when I placed my first order in mid-June.  The three pieces I ordered were not only reasonably priced, but arrived in a timely fashion and fit perfectly!   Madison also does a great job with the packaging.  She added a personal note of thanks, and even dropped in a little extra gift.  The clothes were wrapped neatly in tissue paper and sealed with a Conntempo Boutique sticker.  Not only was it a fun experience to shop online, it was even more exciting to get the clothes at my doorstep.  Best part aside from the clothes?  FREE SHIPPING.  All day, every day.  That is almost unheard of with most online stores of any king today.

If you are in the market for a whole new wardrobe or even just a few new clothing items, definitely check out Conntempo Boutique.  Madison adds new styles each week, and is excited to bring the boutique experience into the homes of her family, friends and neighbors.

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