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Hey Friends!

Wow - August sort of got away from me, but I'm feeling good to get in this blog before the month expires!  It's the little things, right?

Change.  We aren't all comfortable with change, are we?  I know I struggle sometimes in that arena.  When change is fun and exciting though, it's a totally different story!  Which brings me to share a couple changes happening at Conntempo Boutique that I thought you may be interested in learning.

Our Conntempo Boutique - Insiders page retired our "Conntempo of the Week" giveaway and have started our "Show Us Your Conntempo" event instead.  Each month, there will be a 10-14 day period where you can "Show Us Your Conntempo" and have a chance at winning a $25 Gift Card!  Be sure to join our Insiders page to learn more and even enter that contest.

Secondly, we have been working on changes to our monthly Conntempo Connection box.  We have had things in the works for a couple of months to meet each customer where they are and with their needs.  Stay tuned for more details coming mid-September.

Should you ever have feedback or an idea you think we should consider, you know I love hearing from you.  Be sure to drop me a note!


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