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Black Friday in October?

  • By Madison Conn

Black Friday in October?

Hey Friends!

Okay okay so I know October 1st feels like an eternity away, but I promise you it will sneak up on you - so that's why I'm warning you now!

You know how Black Friday rolls around and we are so worried about buying for others that we deprioritize buying things we truly deserve too?  Well Conntempo Boutique is trying something new this year - Black Friday in October!  Friday, October 1st we will have an awesome Black Friday sale that will be a total FALL FRENZY.  There will be our traditional coupon codes (up to 40% off), free grab bags, Cyber Sunday & Monday Web Busters and more!  Mark your calendars and be ready to reprioritize YOU and all things you might need for Fall/Winter!

Who is excited?  


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