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Are you falling for Fall?

  • By Madison Conn

Are you falling for Fall?

Hey Friends,

It's mid-September and we are edging closer and closer to the official start of the Fall season.  I know many of you have checked in to say you are excited about the new Fall fashion.  I've shared it's my favorite fashion season too!  

You have probably started to notice that our New Arrivals at Conntempo Boutique are featuring more and more Fall-type pieces.  Don't worry though, I know my friends in those warm weather states don't always want nor need heavy, thick pieces.  I will continue to mix up fabric weights and styles so that nobody feels left out.   I want you to always look forward to seeing what's new each week.

What can you look forward to this Fall?  We have plenty of jackets, blazers, vests on the way.  I also just received several sweaters that I ordered from Staccato that I can't wait to share with you.  Anyone else love Staccato as much as I do?

Is there a specific piece you are looking for this season?  Don't forget to reach out to me!  One of my favorite things to do is to hunt down special pieces that YOU really want.  I'm always just an email away!


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