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Anyone else tired of Winter?

  • By Madison Conn

Anyone else tired of Winter?

Hey Friends,

Is it me or does Winter seem to be lasting FOREVER? I feel like we keep having snow storm after snow storm followed by 50-degree temps.  The swings in the weather are wild and frankly, I'm ready for Spring/Summer!  

I will tell you one thing I LOVE about Winter though... FASHION!  I am often cold, so I love layers, sweatshirts, sweaters, etc.  Anything that wraps me up and helps me feel warm and cozy is always welcome.  We have some fabulous Winter pieces each week still arriving.  We will also start to transition into some more Spring/Summer pieces in the coming weeks.   You may start to see a few popping up here and there.  I know my southern friends will appreciate that for sure!

Have you started to inventory your Spring/Summer wardrobe yet?  Anything you are missing or hoping that we have available?  If there is something YOU are looking for, just leave a note below.  I'm always happy to help find those special pieces to help round out your wardrobe.

Are you a member of our Conntempo Boutique - Insiders page on Facebook?  If you aren't, I highly encourage you to join us.  We have weekly contests where you can win gift cards, pre-sale items (things that sometimes NEVER hit the site because they sell out here first), early reveals and more.  


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