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Grand Opening & Welcome to Conntempo Boutique!

  • By Rebecca Conn
I am so excited to introduce Conntempo Boutique to you!  Opening this store has been a dream of mine since childhood.  I have fond memories of pricing anything and everything in my bedroom and asking friends and family to walk through and "buy" something from my store.  Even as a young girl I loved tracking inventory, selecting just the right items to place on sale, providing coupons, etc.  I feel like I'm living a dream and am excited to include you!

When we started working towards opening this boutique in early 2016, it felt like June was so far away and being patient isn't a strong trait of mine!  I spent several months trying to develop an experience that I'd be proud to share and promote.  I even worked with a group of fabulous women on Facebook that helped to provide feedback and intel on clothing items that they loved just to be sure that I had something special to deliver.  Many thanks to all of those women in that group for your feedback, advice and support. You helped a small town girl realize a childhood dream and for that I can't thank you enough.

The time has come for our Grand Opening and my entire family is excited and hope you find your experience, from website browsing to package receipt, to be a unique and special experience.  We know there are many great online boutique stores, but it's our hope that you will find our products and customer service to be best in class.
Happy Shopping,
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